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Feb 18, 2013 8:30am EST
(instrumental music) >> for 63 years the u.s. has been part of the nato alliance, but is nato still an important safeguard for americans or is it simply a money pit? >> the nato relationship is enormously important to us. i think it was winston churchill said something to the affect that the only worst thing than, than going to war with allies is to go to war without allies. >> we're dealing with network global threats and if we don't provide a network global response we're always gonna to be on the back foot. >> what we need is not just nato on the conventional defense side, we need a nato alliance for economic statecraft. >> the problem is that it is an alliance that is largely sustained by american defense spending. (instrumental music) >> in a democracy, agreement is not essential, but participation is. >> never before in our history have we been so interconnected with the rest of the world. >> foreign policy is actually not foreign. >> america has faced great hardship before and each time we have risen to the challenge. >> the ultimate test is to move our society f
Feb 17, 2013 5:30am PST
's sent us this report. >> the new commander of nato and american forces here says that any understand the president's not callying they may in nato air strikes where there are afghans of billions, afghan homes or villages. he is meeting this afternoon with his afghan counterpart to work out the modalities of implementing this decree on the ground. this is all following an air strike on wednesday leaving 10 afghan civilians dead. there were called in by his own afghan security forces, afghan security forces. these measures were to mitigate civilian casualties and had a number of them last year in 2012. general dunford the protecting civilians is what it is all about. he is working to implement his new presidential decree as he moves forward in his support as tens of thousands of nato forces leave an afghanistan takes the lead in securing the country for the afghan people. >> the u.n. peace envoy to syria has been talking with the arab league in cairo. brahimi talks between the two. but he said he would be willing to meet it with a representative from the regime. live pictures coming in
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
for the country of afghanistan and a portent for nato and the united states of america. >> i know my time is up. general rodriguez, i would like your answer on why this matters to our country. we have sacrificed so much there. why does the outcome of afghanistan matter? >> it is one of the things that was one of the objectives, that it never became a haven for al qaeda, so that we can protect the homeland and our interests worldwide. >> thank you. i will have follow-up questions for both of you. >> general, thank you for your service to the army into the nation. i cannot think of two more dedicated and experienced officers to leave our forces in the various areas of command you have been assigned. quebec -- correct me if i am wrong, you were a major general in afghanistan. you were a three-star in iraq in the multinational forces. you are one of the few going into a.o. where you have current -- you have commanded every level. is that correct? >> that is correct. >> one of the issues we have touched upon is iraq. from your perspective, are the problems more political in nature or more military c
Feb 17, 2013 2:00pm PST
on security forces from speaking -- seeking nato air support following the death of the 10 people last week. we are amicable with more. nato andw commander of american forces here, general heredunford says he understands hegen. joseph dunford says understands the new policy. he is meeting this afternoon with his afghan counterparts to work out the modalities of victory on the ground. under afghanistan is afghan security force's lead. we have a lot of joint operations going on. this is after an air strike on wednesday left 10 afghan civilians dead. president karzai said it was called in by his arm afghan security forces, his own intelligence forces, and that this is intended to stop those kinds of things from happening. ineral dunford says this is line with what general allen, his predecessor, implemented over one year ago. the general says protecting civilians is what it is all about and he is working with his afghan counterparts to implement this new presidential decree as tens of thousands of nato forces will be leaving afghanistan and the afghans will take the lead in securing the countr
Feb 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
the interpreters who have worked for nato forces. the afghans who have worked for foreigners reprobation announced they were waiting for asylum. >> this shows the death threats he has received from the taliban. >> this was the call i received last night in a translated. soon you will see punishment. >> after working for the british ministry, he is now in hiding. soon to be granted asylum in the u.k. his pleas have been in vain so far. >> the first target were the interest. they will top our heads off. it proves the british military of government to convince them my life is in danger. >> he is not alone. we were approached by a group of into vouchers still serving the purchase forces but now fearful of what will happen when they leave. the fact that we cannot show their faces only highlights the dangers they face. >> they will land in deep trouble. they will target mean to kill me. >> among local people, they are infidels to us, it too. they put their lives on the lines, joining troops on patrol. more than 20 interest are the lost their lives. people who did the same job in iraq or offered asylum.
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
looked at all our nato allies, they are set to reduce their ground forces. i mean, you cannot say that part of our plan is our allies. if their capacity is reducing, we have to be prepared to make sure we can unilaterally do what we need to do to protect ourselves. we have to view that as well as we go forward. >> one last quick follow-up. when you think about the numbers getting too small, the army getting too small, this is will be a question where you say all of the above, but i am curious how would you would at the size, do you think primarily about certain areas? we had a north korean nuclear test this week. we cannot rule out war on the korean peninsula out. their concerns and the president is not inclined toward major interventions. syria, who knows where the conflict is going? there's a potential for a crisis with iran that could begin with air strikes against the nuclear facility, but the enemy gets a say in where the thing ends. there are some areas that are possibility that are hard to roll out definitively. is that how you come up with a number that would be too small,
Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
think the big issues here have to do not so much with the nato meeting because with all due respect to n.a.t.o. it's a great organization, i don't know of any huge n.a.t.o. decisions that are up coming in the next few weeks. but the sequestration looms and you well know, and the iran management looms. we have to make decisions on afghanistan. but the president just made most of those for the time being. again, i think it's sequestration and iran probably that demands hagel get up to speed quickly. that's where i would want him confirmed to engage on those debates as soon as possible. >> michael: i would suspect there would be republican glee in embarrassing the president having to send in sitting but lame duck secretary to nato. so i feel like that's part of what they want tad. to do. >> very quickly. you're right. any particular incident like that may factor in at a detailed level. but the fundamental question here the fundamental issue is that republicans don't really like chuck hagel very well. they don't agree with most of his position. they has feel a little bit of a sense of betrayal by
Feb 14, 2013 4:30am EST
of this year. >> but a controversial nato strike is fueling new tension there. >> reporter: afghan president says it's time for afghan soldiers to take charge of their country's future. he says local security forces are ready to replace american troops. but many ordinary afghans say the u.s. is leaving too soon. >> over the next year, another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. this drawdown will continue and by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> reporter: president obama says the 11-year conflict is finally coming to a close. but as he put the finishing touches on his state of the union address, the war claimed another round of victims. afghan government officials say a nato air strike killed at least 10 civilians, half of them children, in the remote mountains of eastern afghanistan. killing the innocent while hunting insurgents has long made this conflict controversial. analysts say the country's violence will likely continue long after u.s. troops depart. >> i think what matters to them is getting their people out, getting their kids out, be
Feb 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
, a military counterpart to nato and russia's lead role in that. i think that if you consider these organizations the question arises, why do we have so much trouble figuring out china's motivations and russia's motivations, what are behind their stratdpigs -- strategies because russia and china respectively could in these two organizations lead from behind. and have other member organizations affect outcomes of such talks as the six-party talks and other negotiations. i'd like to hear some more thoughts about sisto and the sco, and their members and how that may make it, a better analysis or more difficult to do the analysis in the subject that we're discussing. thank you. >> okay, thank you, leonard. anyone? larry? patrick? joe? >> i know it's going to come out, and counter weight to nato. leonard? >> [inaudible]. >> okay. don't have -- okay. okay. >> this is a very limited reply. you mentioned iran's involvement in this organization and, perhaps that's symbolic of not only does china view north korea as important to it put inchoo also has a stake in iran. iran is of some si
FOX News
Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
originally nominated as nato supreme allied commander europe is being one source tells fox news, "pushed out the door." general john allen was chosen some time ago for the post. but the nomination expired in an uncomfortable investigation in to the general's e-mail exchanges with tampa socialitegill keley -- socialite jill kelley. he was leery of rehashing the issue in con fiormation process. a source tells ed henry allen was pushed out by the white house and will retire. requested if they pushed allen out, the administration officials point to comments by it was secretary leon panetta who today lauded allen's service. but did not say if he wants him renominated. he told him to "think about what you need to do." allen's e-mails were discovered in the investigation that led to the resignation of david petraeus. rand paul says he is prepared to put a hold on the nomination of john brennan as the new c.i.a. director. until brennan answers his questions about drones. paul says he wants to know if brennan believes the president has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike again
Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm EST
half of the u.s. forces in afghanistan will withdraw by early next year to nato secretary general says that the announcement is part of the game plan. >> president obama's announcement yesterday is in full accordance with the road map we have outlined. we will gradually hand over responsibility to the afghans. that process will be completed by the end of 2014. from now until the end of 2014, you will see a gradual drawdown of international troops. >> to withdraw will bring 34,000 american troops home from afghanistan. today is the fourth day aboard the carnival cruise ship triumph without power. an engine fire stranded the cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. there are 2000 working toilets on board, but many passengers on board. another ship has brought food and supplies, but the triumph will not make it to port until tonight at the earliest. carnival's president apologized, but relatives of -- families of those say that the company is telling a different story on board. >> pretty isolated in nature. lower rain across the lower eastern shore. heaviest is further down to the south across
Feb 14, 2013 5:00am EST
& of "the ddrk knight rises." nato's top commander... is now coosidering retirement.sourcess close to general john allen say he may take time off to speed with his family... before taaing on another & assignment. general llen spent nearly tww years as &pcommander of nnto ffrces in & afghanistan....before finding -3 pimself aught in scandal over embarrassing e-maiis with floridd occalite jill kelley. affer months of invvstigating... llen waa - cleared of any wwongdoing..-&p3&pafferr5 days strrnded on the paaer... tte carrivalltriumph & will make its way back to land pxpected a relaaing caribbeaa &ptelll us... this trip as left sooe witt bad experience. & experience. &pthe trouble on the carnival triumph started ssnday... whee a fire broke out in the engiie plectrical power to go out. thattmeant no engine power and no air conditioning...right nowwabbarr tte ssip there are...-more than three thousann crrw members...-and aa handful of working reetroomms (mick-kerry-ggn's))daughter ann ex-husband are on board. eaten onion sandwiches and phee weee askin
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
for chuck hagel. next week a nato meeting of defense ministers is scheduled in brussels. but given the way chuck hagel's nomination is going, it's possible the u.s. may not have a new defense secretary there or leon panetta may be forced to go there steed. yesterday, the senate began the odd procedural dance that is required for cloture, the process for ending senate debate. >> nomination, department of defense, charles timothy hagel of nebraska, to be secretary of defense. >> mr. president, i sent a cloture motion to the desk and ask the clerk to report. this is the first time in the history of our country that a presidential nominee for secretary of defense has been filibustered. what a shame. >> the requirement of 60 votes for a cabinet appointee is almost unprecedented. only two cabinet appointments have ever been filibustered, according to the senate historian's office. verity in 1978 and dirk kempthorne. no appointment has ever been successfully filibustered, by the way. yesterday, senator jim inhofe, ranking member of the armed services committee, claimed republicans weren't filibus
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
, the united states will meet with our allies to talk about the transition in afghanistan at the nato defense ministerial, and our next secretary of defense should be there. for the sake of national security, it's time to stop playing politics with our department of defense and to move beyond the distractions and delay. allow this war hero an up or down vote, and let our troops have the secretary of defense they deserve." do you remember when the top democrat in the senate, harry reid, declared just a few weeks ago the democrats would not change the rules in the senate? remember that? wouldn't change the rules to stop senate republicans from abusing the process there. harry reid decided he would just instead make a handshake deal with the republicans' top senator, mitch mcconnell. he said he was satisfied with the republicans just agreeing to be more reasonable on issues like this. remember? they wouldn't change the filibuster rules. they would just agree as gentlemen that the republicans would curtail the excesses of filibustering everything and effectively ruling from the minority. democrat
FOX News
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am PST
nato forces to carry out air strikes on neighborhood areas. he will issue a decree in response that killed 10 civilians last week. afghan forces have requested the air strike during a joint afghan operation that was targeting tal ban forces in the northeastern part of afghanistan. >> eric: the supreme leader of iran insisting his nation has no intention of developing nuclear weapons but he did add if it did wish to build an atomic bomb he claims the united states would not stop it. how close is iran from getting a bomb? is he to be believed? joining us this sunday is former united states ambassador john bolton. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: do you buy it, you can't stop it? >> in law, it's pleading in the alternative. devil made me do it. that is what he is saying. really, it's very revealing repeating their standard line that their program is peaceful and they don't want nuclear weapons but indicating what is really going on. they feel very confident under current circumstances that they have time. they have faith and going to continue with their program and going to
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
been killed in a nato airstrike. victims reportedly included several children. the attack happened near the border with pakistan. officials say taliban fighters were also killed in the air strike. >> officials in california say they believe a former police officer who was the subject of a week-long manhunt is dead. a charred body has been found in a remote cabin where christopher dorner had barricaded himself. dorner is suspected of killing three people last week before going on the run. >> heavy snowfall in ukraine has collapsed building belonging to the chernobyl nuclear power plant. no radiation was released. the building was located around 70 meters from the damaged reactor where workers are building a new containment shell. chernobyl was the site of the world's worst nuclear accident in 1986. >> and now to sports news, football. the champions league round of 16 is under way. >> today, manchester united plays madrid, and the reigning champions, dortmund travel. their focus will be firmly set on a place with the champions league quarter finals. >> dortmund go into the game off the ba
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
, technical support and some presence of troops in afghanistan, we will have stability. >> nato-led forces are working to improve the capabilities of afghanistan's security services. a limited number of u.s. troops are expected to remain in a support role after 2014, but president obama has not given details of the size and scope of any residual force. >> japanese prime minister shinzo abe says he wants to work with the u.s. to impose sanctions on north korea following the country's third nuclear test. >> translator: north korea says it has succeeded in miniaturizing its nuclear arsenal which could pose a grave threat to the u.s. and other countries. >> abe was speaking at a lower-house committee. he stressed u.s. leadership is essential in any effort to penalize the north. >> translator: financial sanctions would be effective. the leadership of the united states is necessary in prthis. >> abe indicated he will ask u.s. leaders to put north korea back on their list of states response organize terrorism and he added he will also work with officials of china and russia, which are permanent m
Feb 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
karzai, says he will ban afghan security forces from calling in nato air support while in residential areas and thousands of protestors have gathered in tunisia's capital in support of the country's ruling ennahda party. rebel fighters in syria are claiming another victory near the city of aleppo, they say they've captured a government base near an international airport, improving their chances of capturing the city. here's our correspondent. >> syrian rebel fighters say they have captured a vital military installation, the 80th regiment air defense complex east of aleppo. its job was to defend aleppo's international airport and air base, less than two kilometers away. seizing the regiment could be decisive to rebels in aleppo and bring them close to their goal of controlling the city. >> we made advances and were able to break the air base's first defense mechanism, which is important because it's the main artery of aleppo. >> according to the rebels, the fight to take over the 80th regiment after they m
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
some family health issues rather than go forward with his nomination to be the next nato commander in europe. his wife is coping with some chronic health issues that include an autoimmune disorder. general allen was caught up, that caused david pee pennsylvania petreus. >>> surrounded himself with police and firefighters today while urging lawmakers to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. the white house wants a solution that including spending cuts and tax increases. but after agreeing to tax increases during the last fiscal cliff negotiations, many republicans are standing their ground this time around. >> let me be very clear and i say this to the president as i say it to you. these spending cuts are going to go through on march 1. taxes are off the table. >> believing it would force them to reach a budget deal, congress created this deadline. but lawmakers are on vacation this week and will have a few days to come to a deal when they get back to capitol hill. >> let's go back live to prince georges county police headquarters where a news conference is underway in th
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am EST
will be the actually sentence in the case. >>> general john allen will not be the next commander of the u.s. nato forces in europe. he announced he's retiring to care for his wife. his nomination had been put on hold for time because of details with a florida socialite but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. last week he talked with "60 minutes" correspondent lara logan. >> i get the impression sitting here it's not just a job or carrying the next promotion. you're caring this in your heart. >> yes. i almost can't imagine being anywhere else. this is completely consuming to me and i'm dedicated 24 hour as day to the magnificent troops, the after against and the cause. this is very personal to me and i take it very person. >> it's time to show you some of the headlines. they argue how much can be donated. it's the first finance case to go before the court since a controversial decision citizens united ruling in 2010. >>> the "l.a. times" says a student. went on a shooting spree in orange county, california. police say he carjack add drug and shot and wounded three and killed many me. it ended when t
Feb 16, 2013 11:00am PST
for that post. secretary panetta, not chuck hagel, will be attending a nato meeting in brussels next week to talk about the future of afghanistan, among other things. i want to bring in general wesley clark, general clark ran for president in 2004 as a democrat, he's become a friend of the weekend broadcast here on msnbc. let's start with hagel. how will our nato allies, how will they react or will there be any reaction at all when leon panetta shows up for the meeting in brussels and not chuck haguele? >> i think they understand what the american political system looks like. they understand. every one of the nato allies has his own political problems at home. imagine an alliance with 26 members and every one of them has an election, there's an election every two or three, four years in every country so there's always an election, there's always turnover. the united states is the major power behind nato, the major military power, but chuck hagel is a known entity. people in europe know him, they respect him, they like him, and they'll wait for him. >> have you been surprised at all by the
Feb 13, 2013 5:00am EST
a nato attack that took out top taliban leaders. three commanders, including a notorious al qaeda linked military leader were killed in the air raid. officials say five children and four women also died in that attack. nato is investigating. the mission supported u.s. and afghan forces on the ground in the taliban-controlled area. angie goff at the live dress being, news 4. >>> a much quieter french quarter this morning. cleaning crews have taken the place of crowds on bourbon street. an estimated million people traveled there this year. it helped to generate $144 million for the gulf coast economy. >>> churches across the d.c. area will celebrate ash wednesday and the beginning of lent. hundreds are expected in st. matthew in dupont circle. that's where archbishop of washington will lead a mass after noon today. the symbolic marking on the forehead represents repentance. it's a time of spiritual reflection. >>> one church will try to accommodate christians. st. george's pipst episcopal will offer ashes to go outside the clarendon and virginia metro stops during the morning and evening c
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> tony tull live in northeast. thanks, tony. >> following breaking news. a nato air strike in eastern afghanistan killed ten civilians nine of them women and children. the attack targeted a taliban hideout. three taliban commanders were also killed in the strike. nato forces are investigating and they take the allegations of civilian death very seriously. >>> 6:17 now. moments ago, the pope made his first comments since announcing his resignation. a live look at vatican city. the pope made his address there about an hour ago. you can still see huge crowds of people gathered at st. peter's square. an ecstatic kraut greeted the pope. he told them he's aware of the gravity of his decision but prayer and christ will help guide the church. the pope will celebrate ash wednesday mass later today at st. peter's basilica. the pope's last address will likely be february 27th. one day before he steps down. >>> as christians around the world mark ash wednesday, one virginia church hopes to reach people who can't make it to church. there will be ashes to go at the clarn ton and virginia square met
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
:24. the man to become nato's top commander is considering retiring. a member of general john allen's staff said he may take time to spend with his family before taking on another assignment. he found himself caught up in the embarrassing e-mails in the petraeus scandal. after months of investigating, general allen was cleared of any wrongdoing and the whiept house was -- white house was expected to proceed with his nomination to head nato. >>> the nationals are in florida. we'll be at their new train -- the redskins are expected to break ground on their new training facility. we'll be there. >>> a move will create the largest airline. monika? >> there are so many accidents out there. there are too many to mention. this is what they're causing. with icy conditions southbound 270 slowed down basically out of frederick off and on through germantown toward i-370. also old georgetown affected at the beltway. colesville road closed at the beltway with icy conditions as well. i'll have the long list for you coming up in about three >>> we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your wea
Feb 15, 2013 8:00pm EST
our partners, except right now for france, if you look at all our nato allies, they're significantly reducing their ground forces, so i mean, so part of our -- so you can't is a part of our plan is our allies will do this. if their capacity is reducing, we have to be prepared to make sure we can unilaterally do what we need to do to protect ourselves, so we have to view that as well as we go forward. >> i guess i do have one last quick followup and i will i promise go to you. when you think about the numbers getting too small, the army getting too small, and again, this is probably going to be a question where you say all of the above, but i'm curious how you would emphasize, do you think primarily about certain scenarios? we had a north korean nuclear test this week, even though no one expects or hopes for war on the korean peninsula, we can't rule it out. there are obviously concerns that even though the president isxd not inclined toward major intervenes in syria rights now, who knows where that conflict is going. there's the potential for a crisis with iran that could begin with
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
. it is important for the region. it's also clearly important for the country of afghanistan and nato and the united states of america. >> general rodrigues, i would like your opinion to why this matters in detection of our country, our interests and we sacrifice so much there and obviously it is important we understand why does the stable afghanistan, the outcome matter? >> a stable afghanistan means that is one of the things that was the objective that never became a haven for al qaeda so it could attack those u.s. homeland come to u.s. interests and allies worldwide. >> thank you. i'll have follow up questions for both of you. >> thank you, senator. senator reid. >> thank you for your service to the army and the nation and i can't think of to our dedicated and experienced is you've been assigned. but the third idea come your major general in afghanistan attempt not to vision. you were three-star in iraq and the multinational forces. you are maybe one of the few going where you've commanded every officer level, is that correct? >> that's correct. i do think we could find a new and better acclimate
Feb 13, 2013 10:00am PST
nominee to be the supreme allied commander at nato in europe is likely to withdraw his name from consideration to avoid further questions at hearings, even though he's been cleared of all inpropriety regarding that jill kelley e-mail situation which emerged from the petraeus controversy. general allen has spoken with the secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs. he has not spoken with the president who could still try to talk him out of it. but we're told that general allen is likely to withdraw his name from that top job at nato. >>> meanwhile, president obama is selling the message that helping the middle class is job one. even as the president spoke, it was clear looking at john boehner that the house speaker was not impressed. >> last night, the president offered up more of the same. higher taxes and more stimulus spending. and just as disappointing, we're weeks away from the president's sequester. >> joining me now is gene sperling, director of the national economic council and assistant to the president for economic policy for the white house. first of all, wha
Feb 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
. john, there is a crucial meeting next week of nato military personnel in brussels and the united states -- in relation to afghanistan, and the united states is now more likely to be sending a man who actually has said farewell to the defense department and wants to go to his farm and retire. it will have to do that rather than send the man the president has nominated. what does this say about this country in relation to what is an ongoing war in afghanistan. >> well, there are an awful lot of important issue that is relate to the pentagon and to the u.s. military that will just be held in abians -- >> what do you think the british military and the french think when leon panetta turns up? >> well, they like leon panetta but what they will think is what they have been thinking for the last 2 1/2 years, is that the republican party in the united states has gone off the rails and is obstructing the normal order of business of the world's only super power, and this is the first time, martin, in the history of the defense department going back to the 1940s that there's been a filibuster of a
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
hagel until it returns to work on february the 25th. now, we know that nato commanders are meeting in brussels this week for an important meeting about the future of afghanistan and we will not have the future secretary of state for defense present. >> and that's a sincere frustration for administration officials, one of whom told me earlier today chuck hagel as was indicated by john mccain even yesterday on "meet the press" who said he wouldn't hold up his nomination any further, meaning that it could happen as early as next week, likely tuesday white house officials believe that that cloture vote would take place, that's the last procedural hurdle that would have to be cleared for hagel to be confirmed. their frustration is he is not going to be there later this week, hagel won't be, meeting with some of america's top allies as the foreign ministers meet at this nato gathering in brussels, and as he is the guy who is going to be implementing the president's policies on afghanistan in particular, their frustration is he won't be part of the conversation. >> frustrating and embarra
Feb 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
. they weren't. they weren't even ready, charlie to -- you're an hour away from one of our great nato bases over there. especially a place that's been hit repeatedly. especially when you've got terrorists, not some goofy movie maker stimulating the attacks against benghazi and much as i love my friend leon panetta i heard him say "we were 16 to 17 hours away to mount an attack." hogwash! that's a terrible way to run an operation. the reason they didn't want to admit there was a terrorist attack is that that would put the lie to the whole notion that would solve the problem and therefore they could now pivot to asia, pull dwn the forc, get out of iraq, get out of afghanistan, is reduce our difference the middle east because we didn't have to worry about it anymore. now you've got all across north africa developing area where the terrorists are going to find safe havens and places from which they can train and operate. you have problems in mali, egypt libya, tunisia, all across north africa and -- >> rose: you do indeed. so therefore the idea of taking out in yemen an american citizen who had
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
military posture the u.s. agrees to keep in after 2014, and that will effect what nato agrees to do, are the non-u.s. part of nato i think will have a big effect what happens in afghanistan in terms of this question. we should be able to preclude that if that's what we're determined to do. >> rose: finally, are you suggesting that you think that the conflict in syria could be prolonged. that there is no imminent end result likely to happen unless somebody from his own side decides to assassinate assad. >> i think in the conflict continues as it's going and i've heard experts talk about this that it's possible the state may fragment in some sort of bosnia like way that there will be sunni communities and kurdish communities. it will be like syria several years ago several pockets supported by different outside interests and iran will support the assad al wite factions and sunni will support the sunni parts and syria may sort of cease to exist as a functioning kind of entity. and so i think that recognition and the possibility that islamic extremists may come to exercise outside po
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